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Weddings should be Sweet

Knowing how stressful weddings can be, we are here to alleviate some of that stress by making your wedding day a little sweeter. We love to talk with each party individually just to make sure we can deliver exactly what you are looking for on your special day.  We have tools available to us that allow us to individualize not only your design but also cake toppers and other aspects,  We will work with you to create the most delicious and beautiful cake.

All of our prices below do not include the taxes, delivery/setup or decoration.

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Tiered Wedding Cakes

4 sponges with 3 layers of cream

6" Top, 8" Bottom- starts at $325

8" Top, 10 Bottom- starts at $560

6" Top, 8" Middle, 10" Bottom- starts at $670

8" Top, 10" Middle, 12" Bottom- starts at $1065

6" Top, 8" Middle, 10" Middle, 12" Bottom- starts at $1200

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Cutting Cakes

Single Tiered, 4 sponges and 3 layers of cream

Looking to keep some traditions in touch, we offer single tiered cutting cakes in 6"or 8" or 10"
6" starts at $125
8" starts at $160
10" starts at $200

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Exterior Frosting Options & Sheet Tray Cakes

White Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate and cream based frosting.  Holds the best in the heat.  Our preferred to use.

Cream Cheese Frosting

Delicious frosting but can be sensitive to some designs and temperature

American Buttercream

Traditional American buttercream that may have a slight tint of color due to the use of real butter.

Swiss Buttercream

Less sweet than American buttercream.  It is lighter than American buttercream

Sheet Tray Cakes

2 sponges and 1 layer of cream

1/4 Sheet Tray

Approximately 20 portions $100

1/2 Sheet Tray

Approximately 40 portions-$200

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Dessert Bars

This is a general guide to our dessert bar or individual dessert prices. We also can create a custom dessert flavor profile for your event.  Have certain likes and dislikes, an old family favorite, or something you’ve seen online you’ve always wanted to try.  Feel free to let us know and we can see what we can create!


1.Miniature cupcakes- chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, funfetti with the option of an added fruit confit

2. Miniature Muffins- Chocolate chip or Blueberry


1. Madelines-lemon, plain, chocolate, raspberry, orange

2. Cheesecake bites-cubes of miniature no bake cheesecake on a shortbread cookie (about 2 bites)


1. Macarons (GF)-pistachio, lavender, raspberry chocolate, strawberry chocolate, mango passion fruit, vanilla, blood orange chocolate, black currant, hazelnut, almond, cookies and cream, or lemon poppy seed

2. Cookies- Chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin


1. Miniature eclairs-chocolate, vanilla (optional fruit compote), coffee, caramel, pistachio, coconut raspberry or snickers

2. Cupcakes-same flavors as the miniature with the option of an added fruit confit

3. Cake Pops- Chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, funfetti or red velvet

4. Muffins-Chocolate chip or Blueberry


1. Cake in a cup-these are individual portions of cake in a cup that can be matched to a wedding cake or other cake flavors


1. Eclairs full size

2. Tartlets-Mixed berry, almond, key lime, lemon, raspberry pistachio, chocolate, or St Honore

3. Cheesecake cubes-  individual cheesecake with a fruit compote and sitting on a shortbread cookie 


1. Cherries, Peaches or Apples-these are more composed desserts contain a cookie base, fruit compote, white chocolate ganache, cake sponge in the shape of the fruit it is related to.

2. Tiramisu Clouds- Tiramisu in the shapes of clouds



What kind of desserts are you thinking for your event?

Thanks for submitting!

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